What You Should Do If Your Toenail Rips Off In An Injury

Lifting injuries to toe nails, especially to big toenails, are not uncommon.  However, this injury often does not receive the proper medical care it requires due to the perception that the injury is minor.  While true in many cases, there are times in which this injury can lead to significant complications, and in general manyContinue reading “What You Should Do If Your Toenail Rips Off In An Injury”

Do Broken Toes Really Need Medical Attention?

One of the most common foot injuries is the toe fracture.  This seemingly minor injury can be the source of much pain and annoyance, and often hails from a midnight misadventure to the bathroom as a dresser suddenly lurches in the way of the unsuspecting sleepy victim.  The common assumption is that there is nothingContinue reading “Do Broken Toes Really Need Medical Attention?”