Special Message For My Former Indianapolis Patients

Do you have heel pain? Follow the link below for a foot doctor’s explanation of why we get heel pain, and how this common condition is often treated.

Ankle sprains and foot fractures are common injuries, along with tendonitis and other causes of foot pain from injury. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can make the difference in recovery.

Ingrown toenails are not only a painful nuisance, but can also lead to infection and long term symptoms. Fortunately, treatment is fast and easy!

Sports-related injuries involving the foot and ankle are common, and can lead to long periods off the court or field if not treated properly. Athletes of all levels can experience these injuries.

Bone and joint deformities of the feet can be present from birth, or can develop later in life. Bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, and arthritis can cause pain, and limit shoe use and activity.

foot warts

Warts are a potentially painful skin condition caused by a viral infection. They can be spread to others, and may be difficult to treat as the virus causing the warts has to be eradicated.