Fishers Goodwill Video Game Treasure Find

Shopping at Goodwill for video game consoles and games in central Indiana is always a hit and miss affair.  Many of the stores I visit have poor selections, but occasional I come across some absolutely spectacular finds.

I was on my way home one day recently, and decided to pop by my local Fishers Goodwill store to see if there was anything I would be interested in.  I actually had ‘that feeling’  I should stop and take a peek, something I rarely get.  I walked to the DVD and game shelves, and saw nothing that grabbed my interest.  As I walked back to the rear of the store to see if any consoles or accessories were present, I saw the rolling carts they use to introduce new items from the back.  Sitting inside one of the carts within plain view was this nice little gem:

super smash bros melee gamecube

Typically, this game retails for about $60 in online auctions or at retail vintage stores.  I’ll certainly take it for what they were asking that day.


Thanks to Goodwill and its cause, I have a classic Gamecube fighting game for one twentieth of the typical cost.  This keeps me coming back to the world’s largest retail garage sale time and again.  I’ll report on more interesting finds in posts to come.