Is a neuroma really a pinched nerve?

A neuroma is a common foot malady that does indeed involve a nerve in the foot, and is often described by health care professionals, general medical doctors or orthopedists, and even podiatric specialists as being a pinched nerve. This is often done to simplify the medical language for a patient, but I think when myContinue reading “Is a neuroma really a pinched nerve?”

Don’t Let A Pinched Nerve in the Foot Affect Your Golf Game

While golf may not be as physically demanding as some sports, it does cause its share of injury to the body.  The foot and ankle can be injured in any activity that requires movement over uneven terrain, or when un-natural rotation of the foot has to take place.  A particularly bothersome injury seen in golfContinue reading “Don’t Let A Pinched Nerve in the Foot Affect Your Golf Game”