Can the Achilles tendon harden with calcium?

Calcium is a mineral that makes up a large portion of the structure and ‘hardness’ of bones.  However, softer tissue like muscles and tendons can develop deposits of calcium mineral in a process called calcification.  The important Achilles tendon is equally at risk for developing calcification as any other tendon or muscle, and perhaps moreContinue reading “Can the Achilles tendon harden with calcium?”

Don’t Ignore Achilles Tendonitis and Pain In the Back of Your Heel

The Achilles tendon- a potential weak point of many an athlete and warrior.  It can hobble the mighty, and make life difficult for anyone unfortunate enough to injure it.  So-named for the weakest part of the great Greek warrior Achilles, who was invulnerable through being dipped into the river Styx at birth, except for theContinue reading “Don’t Ignore Achilles Tendonitis and Pain In the Back of Your Heel”

Did you know you can get bursitis in your heel?

While most cases of pain on the bottom of the heel are caused by plantar fasciitis, some are not.  A common alternate cause of heel pain is a condition called bursitis, and it can lead to severe pain directly on the bottom of the heel. Bursitis is inflammation of a bursal sac, which is aContinue reading “Did you know you can get bursitis in your heel?”

Avoiding Heel and Foot Pain With Sandals

As the weather begins to gradually warm, many people begin the annual migration from enclosed shoes to sandals.  Sandals feel great when the weather is hot, and are very easy to put on and slip off.  Sandals range in build from minimal flip flops to all terrain sports sandals for light hiking  It is anContinue reading “Avoiding Heel and Foot Pain With Sandals”