I am an experienced podiatrist by day fixing feet and ankles of all ages. I have been practicing in central Indiana since 2003, treating athletic injuries of all levels, diabetic foot complications, arthritis, heel pain, nerve entrapment, foot infections, wounds, nail disease, and fixing deformities like bunions and crooked toes.  In my spare moments I play a video game collection spanning thirty years of electronic goodness, enjoy old school dark Belgian beer and food from any old world German restaurant that will have me.  I can be found watching football games, auto racing, and voraciously reading about ancient history.  I amaze at the kaleidoscope of colors my children bring to my perception, and keep active in their moments despite a busy professional career.

I made this site to share helpful information on general foot and ankle conditions based on my lengthy experience as a clinical and surgical podiatrist, as well as to share some of the fun things in life that bring me joy.  I hope you enjoy your visit here!

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