My Experience With The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Incredible Customer Service

As the big race approaches this weekend here in Indianapolis, I would like to share a personal story regarding how incredible the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is at providing customer service, and how many businesses could learn from them.

Two weeks ago while attending the Indianapolis Grand Prix, I had also picked up my 500 race day tickets from will call, as well as a couple of tickets to enter the track the Friday before the race.  Known as Carb Day, it is a great day to watch the drivers take practice laps, view the Indy Lights race and the Pit Stop Challenge, and this year catch Steve Miller in concert.  I secured the long tickets in a newly purchased lanyard to keep the tickets smooth and unbent (they are collectible for those who know, and folding them is a horrible shame!)  After the Grand Prix ended, spectators were allowed about an hour or so to wander the race track.  As I made my way from turn 2 backwards to the famous yard of bricks at the finish line, the wind kept flipping my lanyard around behind my back.  By the time I made it to the bricks, I noticed my lanyard was a bit light.  Several of my tickets were gone.  Fortunately the more expensive race day tickets were still in, but my Friday tickets were gone.  I begrudgingly accepted my $60 loss with a few choice words, and moved on.

Later the next week, I received a customer service call from the Speedway, explaining that a track technician had found one of my lost tickets.  Apparently even a non-race day general admission ticket is still linked to its purchaser, and the personnel at the track took the time to deliver the ticket to the ticket office, look me up, call, and ask how I would like to arrange for its pick-up.  They even offered to make arrangements to replace my other lost ticket that was not found.  This is from a facility that will likely see over 100,000 people on Friday as well as race day.  One lost ticket is but a drop in the bucket of attendance, but these wonderful people took the time to care for their customers, and make arrangements to return the lost ticket as opposed to simply having said customer purchase a new one.

Bravo, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Your class shines through even during the hectic lead up to the biggest event in racing.

Published by srkilberg

I am a life long Mid-Westerner who treats feet and ankles for a living. In my spare moments I play a video game collection spanning thirty years of electronic goodness, enjoy old school dark Belgian beer and food from any old world German restaurant that will have me. I can be found at home avidly watching Formula 1 racing, and at coffee houses diving deep into books on ancient history.

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