Delirium Noel

Delirium Noel beer

Delirium Noel is a nice Christmas beer from the Brouwerij Huyghe in the city of Melle, East Flanders, Belgium.  It is part of a line of similarly named beers which include Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum.  The site of the brewery has had one in operation since 1654, but it was not until the early 20th century that the brewery acquired it current name, after Leon Huyghe, who purchased a local brewery in 1906 which was to eventually expand into brewery of today.  The Delirium line itself started in 1988, joining a large range of other beers and labels from the brewer as a whole from gradual acquisitions of smaller breweries.  It became defined by the artwork of a pink elephant which graced its labels.  Delirium Tremens was named Best Beer in the World at the 2008 World Beer Championships in Chicago.  Delirium Noel, while not quite a top world class beer, is nonetheless a wonderful dark Belgian strong ale to enjoy over Christmas, and one of only a handful of true Christmas offerings I can find in my local stores for some reason (outside of the wonderful Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale).

This potent beer pours a reddish-brown, is well carbonated, and tastes of the wonderful Belgian mix of sweet malt with fruit and spices.  A sturdy 10% ABV, this strong ale will keep you warm all Christmas Eve.  It is best served in a tulip glass, although a chalice will do.

I typically find this beer in 750ml corked bottle with a white powder coating over the glass.  It is distinguished from its brother bees in the same line by its red foil and delightful ice skating pink elephant.  Also sold in 4 packs of smaller bottles (11.2 ounces).

I like to enjoy this warming beer Christmas Eve after the kids are safely and snugly tucked into bed awaiting Santa, and again the next day while surveying the mess created by a morning of opening presents.

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