Last week I read that Nintendo had announced the termination of the Wii U line, and that all product that will be available in North America had already been shipped.  I had always wanted to eventually pick one up, possibly second hand, as Nintendo is never my first line console no matter what generation (well, save for the NES).  While Nintendo has some nice first party games, none of them are in my preferred genres or are in a serious enough vein for me to really get into, and take a back seat to the games from other publishers I tend to gravitate to most.  As Nintendo’s third party support has been lackluster for years, Nintendo systems are more for casual play sessions in my game room, and I tend to purchase them either late in their lifecycle or after other generations have passed.  The Wii U, however, poses some challenges to this model.  Firstly, it is the lowest selling Nintendo console.  This will be a big problem from a collection standpoint later on, as there will be limited numbers of working consoles available for sale and the sale cost will likely be high. Nintendo resale prices are already higher than what they should be in my opinion, and the Wii U as a used console may be priced closed to original new cost.  Secondly, the game pads/screen that the Wii U relies on will not last as long as other peripherals or the console itself, and a used product will already be far down the road of its lifespan.

I therefore decided to purchase a new Wii U with Mario Kart pre-installed (although I much rather would have physical media on that gem of a game, a used disk is still about $50).  This hedges against heightened after market cost as the supply dwindles down to nothing, and it gives me a fresh new game pad screen to use for years to come.  Yes, there is a chance retailers could clearance out the console as the Nintendo Switch comes to the market in March.  With limited stock, however, I don’t see that as a possibility.

Now to plug it in, and wait multiple hours for the initial download…..while I still finish the original Skyrim and my 20 game back log in the 360/PS3 generation!

PS- the New 3DS at $99 this holiday season starting Black Friday also sounds great, as I will be loafing around digesting turkey for a week or so anyway.