I had good luck finding some unique video game items at some area Goodwill stores this month.  I’ll start with a spectacular find, namely the Game Boy Player Start Up Disk for the Gamecube.  The Game Boy Player is an add-on attachment to the Gamecube, which allows you to play Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy games though the Gamecube, to be displayed on a television.  This has obvious gameplay advantages, not withstanding resolution issues, and the Game Boy Player is relatively common via online auction sites.  However, many of these units do NOT include the start up disk, which is required for the Game Boy Player to work.  I do not have the Game Boy Player hardware yet, but by getting this disk my hunt becomes much easier, as I can now purchase a disk-less unit for much less.

Game Boy Player DiskGame Boy Player

I also managed to find another seemingly uncommon piece of hardware.  Component cables can run an HD signal to HD TVS, and a superior video feed to SD TVs.  As many older consoles before the last generation of hardware look much better on older CRT TVs, component cables became the best way to connect the video for consoles that have component video out capabilities (like Xbox, Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, and Gamecube- if you are lucky enough to own one of their rare and overpriced cables).  Yes, I know you Europeans have superior SCART cables but here in North America we do not really have CRT TVs that accept this.  As most TVs only have input for one component cable set, a component cable selector switch box helps connect several consoles to one TV, and you can switch input on the fly by pushing a button on the box.  I was stupid enough to donate my old ones several years back to Goodwill, and when I expanded my retro console collection I was in need of one.  Well, of course no one makes these anymore, the stores don’t carry any more product, and the online sales of what product remains are at a much higher price point than the prior retail price.  I did go to Amazon to buy one, and ended up spending more money just to buy the same one I had previously (which is now forever out of stock).  I just found this Pelican System Selector HD for $2.99 at Goodwill, and it is the same unit as my second switcher I used to own.  As my current selector switch box only connects three consoles, this second unit will expand that by another three for me, or at least serve as a back up.

Pelican System Selector HD Pelican System Selector HD Pelican System Selector HD

I have some more finds this month to share in my next post, including some game specific peripherals.