Special Message For My Former Indianapolis Patients

There may be many of you who have tried to get an appointment with me in 2023, and found out I am no longer in the practice I worked with for nearly twenty years.  As I will assume it was not explained to you when you called, my position was among several that were terminated at the end of last year by the corporation that acquired that practice two years ago, reportedly due to corporate restructuring.  It was difficult news for me to hear personally, but more importantly it was equally difficult for me to have to leave behind the patients I have enjoyed caring for at that practice, some of whom I have seen for nearly two decades.  Although this was beyond my control, I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, my former patients, in having to transfer care to a different provider, and it is my sincere hope that you are receiving the same comprehensive and attentive care that I strived to provide you. I do miss all of you wonderful people for whom I have served as your podiatrist over the years.  The future is unclear for me at this time, but I hope to be back providing local patient care shortly.  Until then, be well, and continue to to be good to your feet!

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