Thai Sushi House

8603 E 116th St, Fishers, IN 46038

(317) 284-1065

Fishers is not known for having a wide variety of ethnic food outside of Mexican and Americanized Chinese fare.  It is quite fortunate that the Thai Sushi House opened a few years ago in the location housed by another sushi restaurant.  To my knowledge this is Fisher’s only Thai restaurant.  It is also a great one.

This combination Thai and Japanese restaurant is located on the south side of 116th street across from the new municipal complex in downtown Fishers, in an ever more crowded restaurant scene that has been long overdue.  Parking is found in the back, in a lot shared by several other businesses on that block.  The main hosting stand is off of this rear entrance as opposed to the street entrance, and leads immediately to a modernesque sushi bar with sushi chefs busy at work.  This expands toward the front to an roomy yet still intimate dining room with modern Asian decor and imagery as opposed to a more classical and generic approach.  It is simple but pleasant, as the real showpiece of the restaurant is the well constructed displays of food on the tables.

Thai Sushi House Fishers

Thai Sushi House Fishers

The sushi is bright, fresh, and varied.  The presentation is what one would expect from a good sushi chef.  There is an extensive variety of specialty rolls, sashimi, sushi, and maki.  Combination plates and a boat are also available, which include miso soup and a salad with the requisite ginger dressing.  A Japanese box lunch is also available for lunch diners.  While this Japanese side of the Thai Sushi House is excellent, the Thai part brought me in and has kept me as a repeat diner.

Thai food, for those who are not familiar with it, is a fresh and different form of meat and vegetable mixes from that familiar to those who primarily eat Chinese take out.  Inherently spicy (but not exclusively, you can select the heat level but beware ‘Thai hot’), Thai food is similar to Vietnamese in that there is a symphony of flavors in each dish, covering multiple taste sensations.  Typically served with noodles or rice, the base dish and spice type is selected (which includes differing vegetables and herbs), followed by choice of meat and spice level.  Thai Sushi House features a long menu covering many traditional Thai dishes, including the peanut filled introductory Thai noodle dish known as Pad Thai, as well as more flavorful dishes like Pad Kra Prow (meat and spicy chili sauce with green beans, onion, bell pepper, and basil), and Pad Ped (meat, bamboo shoots, green beans, bell pepper, basil, and red curry).  Curries abound on the menu, and include green, red, yellow, panang, and mussamun varieties, all served with coconut milk as part of the sauce.  A number of duck and seafood dishes are present as well.

thai food Fishers


thai food Fishers

Thai appetizers are worth trying before the meal, and include the traditional satay, spring roll, and dumpling, and Japanese favorites like edamame, gyoza, and tataki are also available.  Thai salads are featured, which generally include meat or seafood served vegetables and a lime dressing, as well as Japanese seafood salads from the sushi bar.  Soups are excellent, and made to order.  I highly recommend the Tom Yum soup, a flavorful spicy broth with lemongrass, mushroom, tomato, cilantro, onion, and meat.

Thai Sushi House Fishers soup

To extinguish the spice flames (should you elect to have the dishes served with spicier levels), a tall cool Thai iced tea made with an orange-red dyed tea and suspended sugar/cream mix (I believe sweetened condensed milk) will do just nicely.  This drink is fantastic.  Thai iced coffee is also sweet, flavorful and equally as refreshing, but not as visually interesting as the tea.  Bubble tea is also served (tea with flavoring and tapioca pearls), as is hot tea, soda, tropical juices, beer, wine, and sake.

thai iced tea Fishers

A small but serviceable kids menu is present, with rather large portions served.  Desserts finish up the menu selection, and include sweet sticky rices, fried bananas, and a thai tapioca pudding.  Frankly I have never had room for dessert here.

Give your palate a little adventure to Southeast Asia and head to downtown fishers for the Thai Sushi House.  Whether you just like sushi or want to expand into traditional Thai dishes, this restaurant will offer something worth returning for.