Bubba’s 33

9770 N. By Northeast Blvd, Fishers 46037

(317) 915-7427

Bubba’s 33 is a chain restaurant that open up in Fishers a few years ago off of 96th street at the I-69 intersection.  The prior location, I believe, was held by a hotel with an attached Hoolihans.  The chain was founded by Kent Taylor, who also founded a well known chain called Texas Roadhouse.  It is in a similar vein to all the sports-pub style national restaurants with walls covered with pictures, jerseys, celebrity items, and racing items.  There are “more TVs than tables”, and three distinct dining areas including family dining, bar dining, and a garage bar type area for adults only.  The number 33 is a reference to the year prohibition ended, but also comes across in many other aspects of their restaurant, including the degrees at which their beer is kept.

The interior is interesting and there does seem to be a fun vibe inside.  The mostly young and female front staff appear to be attentive, although there did seem to be more than necessary on the day I went.  Immediately to the right is the adults only bar through a door, while to the forward left and right lay the family dining and bar dining respectively.  The booths were roomy enough to accommodate a medium sized family comfortably, and the wait staff was friendly.  An almost excessive number of TVs was visible from a variety of angles, as was the interesting kitsch on the walls.

The restaurant was definitely kid friendly, as evidenced by numerous youth sports teams and large families present on the day I went.  The adjacent highway location also likely brings in diners staying in the numerous hotels across the street.  This restaurant does seem to fill the adult comfortable but kid friendly void created by the departure of Cheeseburger In Paradise across the highway.

Normally I don’t find the menu at these kinds of restaurants terribly interesting.  There is the usual compliment of fried pickles, wings, and onion rings for appetizers, with salads, mozzarella and provolone pizzas, dinner entrees including ribeye and Aloha chicken, as well as sandwich selections that include a fried buffalo chicken sandwich and a shrimp po’ boy.  The standout offerings in my opinion, however, are their burgers.  While several options are available, including a habanero burger and the ever popular egg topped burger, the signature Bubba’s Bacon Burger took my interest.  Made with a 33% bacon grind patty, this delicious bacon cheeseburger can come as a single (more than plenty for my hefty appetite) or a double.  I can truly say this burger will keep bringing me back from time to time.
Bubbas 33 Bacon Burger

The kids menu was typically sparse but appropriate.

I did find the beer selection to be less than desirable for my particular palette, but I do have this issue at nearly all chain and local restaurants of this type.  This is certainly no HopCat (which I will cover at a later time)!  Fortunately, the sodas were well carbonated and there are flavored lemonades.

In general, this is a nice place to take a family and still somewhat feel like you are out with the guys watching a game.  The menu is typical of the style, but the Bacon Burger offers a nice compelling reason to visit, and everyone at the table during my dinner there enjoyed their food and the atmosphere.