Fishers (reviewed)

9887 East 116th Street

Fishers IN 46037

(317) 577-2699


2403 East 146th Street

Indianapolis IN 46033

(317) 843-2666

BoomBozz Craft Pizza and Taphouse is a regional chain with locations in central Indiana as well as Louisville, Kentucky.  Originating in Kentucky about a decade ago, the name refers to Italian slag that means ‘wild, crazy, and fun’ according to their website.  While I’m not sure about the wild and crazy part of this establishment, the food is fairly good for a regional chain, and features some interesting takes on the standard pizza fare and accompaniments.

While the parking lot is somewhat small, the adjoining professional plaza has enough spaces to accommodate.  Once inside, the brick and modern wood-lined dining room and accompanying back bar look like what one would expect from upscale casual dining.  TVs line many of the upper surfaces of the restaurant, featuring numerous sports channels.  The hosting and serving staff are generally young, but are friendly and in the several times I’ve been there they are capable.

The beer selection is somewhat extensive, and features a number of local craft beers as well as national brands.  I was happy to enjoy an Abita Amber from Louisiana, something that brings me fond memories of eating oysters and enjoying a lunchtime Abita while on vacation there in years past.  The wine list is somewhat limited, but bottles are offered at relatively reasonable prices, and there are half-off specials on wine bottles during the week- apparently for those who do not work the next day!  Some house cocktails are featured as well, including some Mule variations and a ‘sangria’ made with rum.

A number of appetizers are featured as ‘Social Plates’.  These include their featured MeatBozz, which are meatballs served a number of ways.  Toasted Ravioli, a staple appetizer from St. Louis in which ravioli is breaded and deep fried, is tasty and representative of the dish, although the breading needs a little more seasoning.  Cheese bread and Mediterranean dishes like hummus feta are also featured along side goat cheese and stuffed portobello mushrooms.  The standout, in my opinion, is the excellent wings.  Most restaurants serve relatively meager wings, which is not the case at BoomBozz.  The wings are large, meaty, and the dark smoky dry rub option is a must-try, dipped in a variety of sauces.  I found the spicy garlic parmesan to be excellent.  Salads round out the initial offerings, including a house mix with goat cheese and cranberries, as well as a bacon wedge, Greek, and Southwest variety.

BoomBozz Wings

BoomBozz Toasted Ravioli

The menu features a number of options outside of pizza, including sandwiches, pasta bakes, and calzones, filled with various meats, cheeses, and vegetables.  Some flavor standouts include a pesto chicken sandwich and Cuban inspired sandwich (with pork and prosciutto), as well as a traditional meat filled calzone.

The pizza menu is the heavy draw at BoomBozz.  The house pie is a medium crust affair, which is relatively light and flaky.  Also on offer is a thin crust ‘old world style’ Neapolitan pizza with fresh mozzarella, as well as a large New York style crust.  The featured creations are interesting and tasty, and include a Tuscan Chicken version with garlic cream sauce and portobello mushrooms, a D’Sienna pizza with spinach, tomato cream sauce, and cheese blend, Chicken Sausage Peppadew featuring Peppadew peppers, goat and mozzarella cheeses with fresh basil, Carnita Libre featuring pork, ranchero sauce, and a side of garlic sour cream and green chili jam, as well as a tangy Smokehouse Brisket pizza.  Award winning Pollotaté pizza containing chicken, roasted potatoes, and onions, and Fire Roasted Fajita pizza with roasted peppers and onions and chicken or steak are featured.  More traditional meat, supreme, and garden pizzas are also available, and wheat and gluten-free crusts are available options as well.

BoomBozz Pizza

The topping are generally good quality, with a decent amount of cheese and sauce.  While the pizza is no standout compared to local champs like Ale Emporium and Union Jack, the more unique flavor combinations make coming here very worthwhile.  They even allow a half and half split of their signature pizzas for a small up charge, so you can try two different pizzas in one.

The kids menu features a rather large individual sized cheese pizza, as well as such options buttered penne noodles and chicken nuggets.  These include a drink and treat (Rice Krispie treat on our last visit) for under $5.00.

Overall, I have had pleasant dining at BoomBozz, and while the food is in the same general category as many other restaurants in the Fishers area, the decent number of standout dishes and variations of common food (especially the excellent wings which are now my favorite in the area) make this a place I will continue dine at.