Update 6/2017- Unfortunately this restaurant has closed, but its replacement will be reviewed soon!



10122 Brooks School Rd, Fishers, IN 46037

(317) 436-8624

I’ll make it quite known I hate chain pizza.  With a passion.  I’ll eat it when it is offered, but I do so with a silent scowl.  I find the crust and sauce to be flavorless at most places, and the toppings nondescript like frozen pizza from a grocery store.  When a new independent pizzeria opens in town, I tend to perk my eyes, ears, and eventually wallet to give it a try.  I waited a long time to try Apezza, but as fate would have it one night I made a commitment to bring myself to all the new pizza and burger joints popping up around town.  Thus, I found myself entering Apezza one cold winter night.

This pizzeria and grill combination restaurant is located in a strip mall on the corner of Brooks School and Fall Creek, just north of Geist reservoir in Fishers.  Nestled between The Detour and Mama Bear’s, Apezza and its other entity, The Grillenstein, share a dining room and menu.  One side of the restaurant is set up like a traditional take-out pizza establishment, and the other side serves as a small but comfortable dining room with numerous TVs.

I took my family to eat here after hearing about the enormous deep dish pizzas they offer.  Being a huge fan of Chicago-style deep dish pies, wanted to see if the area could produce more offerings in the vein of Ale Emporium and recent Chicago transplant Giordano’s.  I can simply say I was not disappointed, Apezza makes great pizza.

The dining room you are presented with is comfortable, if somewhat spartan.  The booths have high backs, which is very helpful when either needing quiet privacy or a buffer zone for restless children.  The menu is basic, but includes all a pizza aficionado needs.  As mentioned above, there is a grill component to this restaurant that acts almost like a separate restaurant identity, with a shared menu and shared dining room.  I have not ordered any of the dishes from this aspect of the restaurant or the sandwiches included in the ‘Apezza’ side of the menu, but I will be sure to update this review when I do.

The service was adequate.  I do not typically like to go into much detail regarding servers (unless the service was particularly bad) as most servers do an adequate job, and any standout server is likely more indicative of an individual rather than the restaurant itself.  Needless to say, our server was friendly and fairly attentive, provided the restaurant was relatively empty as we were there past dinner on a Sunday night.

There is an extensive bottled beer list, as well as wine.  My beer tastes are rather advanced, and tend towards dark ales, so most area restaurant’s beer offerings induce a yawn in me.  However, most people will find the list relatively extensive and satisfying.  Nonetheless, when I want great pizza and awesome beer paired, I still prefer Ale Emporium hands down due to the massive beer selection.

Apezza offers several appetizers, including some standout breadsticks.  Where they shine outside of the pizza is huge salad portions, served with either ranch or creamy Italian dressing, both house-made.  For about $6 you get this:

Apezza Fishers salad

The pizza is the star of the experience.  They do offer hand tossed regular and thin crust, which we ordered for the kids and is good in its own right.

regular crust pizza Apezza Fishers

The deep dish pizza, however, was spectacular.  It arrived as a tall, savory, cheesy round wheel.

deep dish pizza Fishersdeep dish style pizza Apezza Geist

Apezza’s sauce has the right savory and spicy hints a good sauce should have, and they feature an array of topping including house-made sausage.  There are a number of specialty pizzas available, but I typically elect to build my own.  The toppings were tasty, and the pizza featured an appropriate amount of cheese.  Not as generous as Ale Emporium, but more than enough to satisfy.

This restaurant does offer take-out service and apparently delivery.  A few weeks after I visited the restaurant I ordered take-out pizza.  The pizza was just as good at home, although they forgot to add the bread stick sauces we paid for.  Be aware, the deep dish pizza takes about 45 minutes to cook, so keep that in mind when ordering by phone for home or arriving at the dining room to eat there.

Apezza also offers coupons in the local mailers, and each day of the week there are food specials.  Sundays feature $5 off deep dish pizzas.

Overall, I think Apezza is an excellent choice for deep dish pizza in Fishers, and has now become my favorite go-to place for quality pies.  They appear to be here for the long term as they have been open a number of years, something many locally owned restaurants in Fishers struggle with.  I hope you folks give it a try as well and keep them busy, it is a shame every time a locally owned restaurant with great food goes out of business because Fishers can’t end its toxic love affair with unimaginative chain restaurant food, including pizza.