Four Quick Tips To Protect Your Feet This Winter

As old man winter begins to stir for much of North America, people’s thoughts drift to figuring out how to stay warm and safe.  However, the feet are often ignored in one’s preparation.  Here are some tips on how to keep your feet protected and in good shape this winter. Injury Prevention Your feet andContinue reading “Four Quick Tips To Protect Your Feet This Winter”

Do tight shoes cause hammertoes?

I am often asked this question, and see it improperly discussed online and even by medical professionals.  The simple answer is that tight shoes are not the cause of hammertoes, despite popular belief.  Hammertoes, which is a term often used to describe a plethora of conditions in which the toes curl up or rotate, haveContinue reading “Do tight shoes cause hammertoes?”

Can diabetics have bunion surgery?

Bunions can present a problem for diabetics in several different ways.  These problems sometimes make the option of surgically correcting the bunion more attractive than simply leaving it alone. A bunion is a complicated deformity in which the 1st metatarsal bone at the base of the big toe joint is gradually moved outward towards theContinue reading “Can diabetics have bunion surgery?”

What You Should Do If Your Toenail Rips Off In An Injury

Lifting injuries to toe nails, especially to big toenails, are not uncommon.  However, this injury often does not receive the proper medical care it requires due to the perception that the injury is minor.  While true in many cases, there are times in which this injury can lead to significant complications, and in general manyContinue reading “What You Should Do If Your Toenail Rips Off In An Injury”

Don’t Ignore Achilles Tendonitis and Pain In the Back of Your Heel

The Achilles tendon- a potential weak point of many an athlete and warrior.  It can hobble the mighty, and make life difficult for anyone unfortunate enough to injure it.  So-named for the weakest part of the great Greek warrior Achilles, who was invulnerable through being dipped into the river Styx at birth, except for theContinue reading “Don’t Ignore Achilles Tendonitis and Pain In the Back of Your Heel”

When Should I Have My Bunion Operated On?

Bunions, for those who suffer with them, can be very painful, or may never cause a moment of discomfort.  This foot deformity, in which the base of the big toe is prominent on the inner side of the foot and the big toe itself is angled toward the second toe, has been covered by meContinue reading “When Should I Have My Bunion Operated On?”

What causes the bump on top of my big toe joint?

In this post I will discuss the ‘bump’ some people have on top of their big toe joint.  Many people are aware of the bump some people have along side of the big toe joint, as it goes by the name of a ‘bunion’. What is less known is the cause and treatment of aContinue reading “What causes the bump on top of my big toe joint?”

Plantar Fascia Tears: A Dreaded Sports Injury

Plantar fascia tears are infrequent but relatively common athletic injuries involving a ligament on the bottom of the foot in the arch, and can cause significant pain and disability in sports and daily activity.  It usually is an injury that sidelines most lower level athletes and makes daily walking difficult for non-athletes. The plantar fasciaContinue reading “Plantar Fascia Tears: A Dreaded Sports Injury”

The Nature of Your Foot Pain Can Clue You As To the Cause

Foot pain can have many different causes, and sometimes the actual cause is not immediately clear if the pain feels like it is spread over a wide area. Fortunately, the nature of the pain itself can sometimes provide a clue as to the actual origin. It is not uncommon in cases where pain is feltContinue reading “The Nature of Your Foot Pain Can Clue You As To the Cause”

Pain on the outside of your foot? It could be due to peroneal tendonitis.

A common foot injury often misdiagnosed as a complex ankle sprain is called peroneal tendonitis.  The peroneal tendons are two in number, and run together under the outside of the ankle joint, where they stay together for a couple inches until they reach the middle part of the side of the foot.  It is hereContinue reading “Pain on the outside of your foot? It could be due to peroneal tendonitis.”